Bee-Licious Almond Body Butter 4oz.

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Our Best Seller!! All natural blend of oils and butters including almond oil and shea butter with just the right amount of fragrance. This silky whipped butter is like Honey to the Bee. Watch it melt on your skin while your skin soaks it up! Provides a moisture lock and gives your skin a healthy glow!!!


1 review for Bee-Licious Almond Body Butter 4oz.

  1. DeAsia Little

    This product smells AMAZINGGGG! A little goes a long way! I purchased a 2oz 9 months ago & I still have some left! It is my handy dandy purse lotion that I used nearly everyday. Like I said, a little goes a long way and your skin stays moisturized for hours! Love love love! 10/10 would buy again!

    • Yummble Bee’s

      Thank you so much, we love positive feedback. we will continue to provide great products you can trust and pocketbook friends!

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